2Minute GMAT


2minuteGMAT was created by two individuals who scored in the 99th and 94th percentile on the GMAT. They realized that the best way for them to study was to email each other every day reminding one another to take 10 practice GMAT questions. At the end of 3 months, their scores had risen over 150 points.

From their experiences, 2minuteGMAT was founded. They have searched for the best practice GMAT questions, interviewed Business School Admissions Officers for insight into the admissions process, and spent countless hours gathering information on the top business schools in the country.

2minuteGMAT is the friend that will remind you every day to keep studying and to keep reaching for your goal of attending a top business school. For 3 months every day an email will be sent to you with 10 unique practice GMAT questions (5 Math and 5 Verbal), advice from admissions officers at top business schools, and expert advice on how to improve your GMAT score.

Other products in the market are absurdly overpriced; a 70 hour course can cost you over $1500!

For a limited one-time price of $29.99, we guarantee that your score will increase by at least 50 points, or you can have your money back. You will only pay one time for the 3 month program.

It’s time to get serious about studying for the GMAT. We can help.

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