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Beat The GMAT

Beat the GMAT is an MBA social network. The company was founded in 2005 when Eric Bahl, in his Stanford University dorm room, had the idea to create an online GMAT resource. The stars seemed to be aligned, as Eric combined his social networking and global education interests and attempted to create a GMAT resource that would be relevant to everyone around the world.

Beat The GMAT

Eric succeeded in his goal with Beat the GMAT, and today the company is world-renowned social network for MBA applicants. The company not only provides a forum for discussion and learning, it also encourages business school applicants and MBA students to share their difficulties and successes.

Among the resources Beat the GMAT provides are: The largest collection of articles related to MBA admissions and GMAT preparation, an active space for discussion where GMAT teachers and MBA experts help students, one of the most popular GMAT scholarship programs with over $200,000 in prizes, GMAT preparation resources including a 60 day study guide, and a GMAT course directory reviewed by users and visitors. The success of BeattheGMAT.com lies on its commitment in offering value to GMAT applicants.

Eric Bahn

Many students worldwide wish they had the chance of being accepted into one of the top MBA schools in the country, and Beat the GMAT is here to help. Through hard work, Beat the GMAT has become one of the most successful and well-known resources on the internet.