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Estimation And Problem Solving Advice For GMAT Quantitative Questions

There are a number of problems that the GMAT test throws on you, particularly with GMAT quantitative questions. Does the problem contain the word “approximately” or something similar? Are the numerical answer choices decently far apart? Is there a diagram, or could you draw one, that would allow you to estimate? Can you assess things […]

Initial Techniques For Solving GMAT Quantitative Questions

For the GMAT quantitative questions, there are a number of ways you can solve issues. Unfortunately, there is not one solution that will allows work, but we hope that the following is of help. There are many different techniques that we can use to make educated guesses for GMAT quantitative questions. Some techniques can be […]

Measure How Competitive Your MBA Application Is By Stacy Blackman Consulting

Unfortunately, there is no exact equation for business school fit just as there is no perfect way to measure how competitive your MBA application is relative to your competition. However, there are characteristics that correlate positively with success. We’ve created a list of these variables so that you can develop an approximate measure of how […]

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How Educated Guesses Apply to GMAT Quantitative Questions

Making educations can be a critical part of your success with GMAT quantitative questions. Generally with GMAT quantitative questions you can either do a random or educated guess. A random guess is one where you have not made any elimination in the GMAT quantitative question. An educated guess is one where you have utilized logic […]

Goal Of Studying For The GMAT Test: Attending A Top MBA Program

Here is some interesting news about top MBA programs in the country. We are sure this will be interested to the GMAT test takers out there. The Economist ranked The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business as the number one business school in the world, followed by Dartmouth’s Tuck, Berkeley’s Haas, Harvard Business School, […]

How to Avoid Mistakes On GMAT Reading Comprehension Questions

Here is some help in solving GMAT reading comprehension questions. For individuals who are not native English speakers, this section on the GMAT test can be particularly difficult. There are a number of common mistakes that occur on GMAT reading comprehension questions. The common mistakes on GMAT reading comprehension questions tend to occur on problem […]

Common Mistakes On GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

Here is some help for when you are solving GMAT Critical Reasoning questions. In Critical Reasoning, most often the common mistakes occur when you solving a specific problem. Primarily, the four major types are: Find the Assumption, Draw a Conclusion, Strengthen the Conclusion, and Weaken the Conclusion. These are all problems you will face on […]

Help For GMAT Verbal Questions: Sentence Corrections

For a lot of individuals, sentence correction GMAT verbal questions can be the most difficult. Despite the hard appearance, you should not be intimidated by these GMAT verbal questions. There are steps you can take to eliminate answer choices on these questions. For GMAT verbal questions there are often pairs of differences in the answer […]

Techniques For Making Educated Guesses On GMAT Verbal Questions

Continuing off of our last post, we are now going to discuss more techniques for making educated guesses on GMAT verbal question. For GMAT verbal questions, there are a number of techniques you can take with making educated guesses. Primarily, the techniques will depend on the problem type. Critical reasoning problems will have different techniques […]

When Should I Make an Educated Guess On GMAT Verbal Questions?

On our last post we discussed the importance of making educated guesses on GMAT verbal questions. When you are dealing with GMAT verbal questions, we need to use different strategies then when we deal with GMAT quantitative questions. For GMAT verbal questions, we take an educated guess at the beginning of each GMAT question. To […]