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GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)

GMAC stands for the Graduate Management Admission Council, which is an organization comprised by the most influential graduate business schools in the world. The main objective of the GMAC is to provide graduate school, student and companies the most reliable measure of graduate and professional success available on the market. Furthermore, the GMAC is always […]

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MBA.com is the official GMAT website. The website provides potential graduate business students and business schools different tools to understand what the exam encompasses and the objectives of the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) has. In this article we will talk about some of the features and resources users can take advantage of when visiting […]

GMAT Online Practice Test

When a student or professional is going through a business school admission process they often weigh out the effort they have to put into the process and the tools available to make this process flow faster. However, as a test taker, you might realize that preparation for the GMAT exam is not an easy task, […]

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What´s On The GMAT Verbal Section?

The GMAT exam is a computerized adaptive test, in other words, as questions are correctly answered by the respondent, these will get harder. In the opposite case, if questions are incorrectly answered these will not get more difficult. The New Generation GMAT is divided into four different sections: The Analytical Writing Assessment, The Integrated Reasoning […]

Hardest GMAT Questions

There are many GMAT consultants who mistakenly encourage student to focus on the first 10 questions of the Quantitative and Verbal sections of the GMAT exam. Many people think that this is the best technique to beating the GMAT and tackling the hardest GMAT Questions. Now, let´s pause for one second. Are the hardest GMAT […]

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Guest Post From Magoosh On Integrated Reasoning!

What is integrated reasoning?

●You must answer a question before moving on
●Once you answer a question you can’t go back to it
●A graph or prompt may have multiple questions
●You will have 30 minutes to do 12 questions
●There will be an onscreen calculator for this new section (but not for the rest of the exam!)

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Things To Remember When Studying For GMAT Practice Questions

The following are parts to remember when studying for GMAT practice questions. First, remember to spend more time on the first 15 GMAT practice questions. You should not go through these questions too quickly as they are worth more. The first dozen+ GMAT practice questions on each part are the most important parts on the […]

Vocabulary And Language Issues In GMAT Practice Questions

An issue with GMAT practice questions occurs when you do not understand what specific words mean. This might cause more problems to solve the GMAT practice questions. To avoid this problem, look to be acquainted with every GMAT test term and the common words. This is done by going over the GMAT test common word […]

Missing Options On GMAT Practice Questions

Here is a post of some of the other mistakes GMAT test takers make on GMAT practice questions. This mistake occurs when there is a limited amount of time and you must move on to other GMAT practice questions. When answering all of your GMAT practice questions quickly, there are a number of opportunities to […]

Knowledge And Calculation Mistakes On GMAT Math Problem Solving Practice Questions

There are a number of knowledge and calculation mistakes that individuals will make on GMAT math problem solving practice questions. This type of mistake occurs when the GMAT test taker does not know how to solve a certain type of GMAT math problem solving practice questions. When this occurs, aim to match the GMAT math […]