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More Research Findings That Effect GMAT Verbal Question Studies

Here is some additional information and research that may affect how you study your GMAT verbal questions. For a long time tutors have known that making multiple “connections” while studying helps us to retain information more effectively. This has been a principle that many tutors have used to teach GMAT verbal questions.  It’s impressive that […]

Initial Techniques For Solving GMAT Quantitative Questions

For the GMAT quantitative questions, there are a number of ways you can solve issues. Unfortunately, there is not one solution that will allows work, but we hope that the following is of help. There are many different techniques that we can use to make educated guesses for GMAT quantitative questions. Some techniques can be […]

Common Mistakes On GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

Here is some help for when you are solving GMAT Critical Reasoning questions. In Critical Reasoning, most often the common mistakes occur when you solving a specific problem. Primarily, the four major types are: Find the Assumption, Draw a Conclusion, Strengthen the Conclusion, and Weaken the Conclusion. These are all problems you will face on […]

Techniques For Making Educated Guesses On GMAT Verbal Questions

Continuing off of our last post, we are now going to discuss more techniques for making educated guesses on GMAT verbal question. For GMAT verbal questions, there are a number of techniques you can take with making educated guesses. Primarily, the techniques will depend on the problem type. Critical reasoning problems will have different techniques […]

When Should I Make an Educated Guess On GMAT Verbal Questions?

On our last post we discussed the importance of making educated guesses on GMAT verbal questions. When you are dealing with GMAT verbal questions, we need to use different strategies then when we deal with GMAT quantitative questions. For GMAT verbal questions, we take an educated guess at the beginning of each GMAT question. To […]

Educated Guesses And How It Can Be Used For GMAT Verbal Questions

Being able to make educated guesses on GMAT verbal questions is critical. GMAT verbal questions can be very difficult and there are going to be many cases when you do not know the correct answer. This article is going to discuss educated guessing and how it can be used for GMAT verbal questions. On GMAT […]

Importance Of Taking Notes When Answering Reading Comprehension GMAT Questions

We wanted to make a note regarding the importance of taking notes when you are answering reading comprehension GMAT questions. When you take your notes, you should make sure to abbreviate as much as you can. Your notes should be even more abbreviated then you normally do in other work. For a lot of top […]

GMAT Question Review On Reading Comprehension Questions

The other day I was asked on the best strategy on completing the reading part of a GMAT test reading comprehension question. In particular, I was asked , what are we supposed to do and look for in the GMAT Verbal question during the first few minutes before we start to answer the first question? […]

Understanding How The GMAT Test Questions Are Created

The following post was creating to give you a better understanding of how the GMAT test was created. One of the processes in creating GMAT test questions is called layering. This is a technique used by a GMAT test writer to make a question more difficult. The GMAT test is a computer adaptive test, and […]

Strategies For Solving GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

Recently we had the opportunity to talk to students who were having difficulty with GMAT Verbal Critical Reasoning questions. Often, they tended to run into issues when the first GMAT Verbal Critical Reasoning question showed. One mistake that a lot of students on the GMAT test in this situation is that they look at the […]