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The 2012 SBC Challenge

Hi everyone, We are thrilled to be participating in the 2012 Stacy Blackman Consulting Challenge! http://www.stacyblackman.com/the-sbc-challenge/ This contest was created in order to give four deserving MBA applicants a terrific set of tools that will improve their chances of being admitted to a top MBA program. SBC will be distributing four scholarship packages valued at over […]

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February 2012 Economist MBA Fair

What can you expect? You may already know that an MBA can you help you stay competitive and advance your career in today’s challenging economy. But how will you know which business school is right for you? The Economist’s Which MBA? Online Fair connects you with dozens of business schools, all in one place at one time. Like […]

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Making Use Of Time With MBA Applications

When focusing on your MBA applications, planning how you use and budget your time is critical to creating the essays needed to represent your accomplishments and potential contributions to a top business school. However, if you ignore your calendar and schedule, time will most decidedly be against you. MBA applicants need to balance the investment […]

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Number Properties And How They Can Help You On GMAT Quantitative Questions

Number properties can be very important for your on GMAT quantitative questions. If you don’t know yet, number properties are the rules that show the ways in which these parts behave. As an example, it is a rule that if an even number is multiplied by any integer, the result will always be an even integer. […]

Finding Your Score On The GMAT Test

A lot of students are interested in finding their total score on the GMAT test. On the GMAT test, the score is comprised of GMAT quantitative questions and GMAT verbal sections, is part of the analytical writing assessment (AWA). The GMAT test score will range from 200 to 800. Certainly a lot of GMAT test […]

Show Them Why You Want To Attend Their MBA Program

As you finish your MBA program applications, you will run into some very difficult essay questions. To be successful in your essays, you will need to go through a lot of self-discovery. Most candidates are going to have to answer the “why MBA” question often. It is interesting how difficult this question can be. Candidates […]

What Are The GMAT Quantitative Section And GMAT Problem Solving Questions

We often get asked what the GMAT quantitative section and GMAT problem solving questions are. The GMAT quantitative section includes a number of multiple choice questions, which need to be answered in a little over an hour. You will face 2 types of GMAT Math questions: problem solving and data sufficiency. The mean score has […]

Private Tutoring When Studying GMAT Math Questions

There are a number of benefits to private tutoring for GMAT math questions. One of biggest benefits of private tutoring for GMAT math questions is the game plan and feedback that a tutor can provide. From this you focus on what you need to work on to improve your score on a GMAT test with […]

Importance Of Strategic Planning In Your MBA Application

When starting your business school application, you should remember that strategic planning is one of the most important skills you can learn. Strategists are most focused on the allocation of the resources available to a company to reach a certain destination. Consider for a minute that a single business school application may take 40 hours […]

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How To Get A Perfect Score On The GMAT AWA Section

We are often asked from business school applicants about how to get a perfect score on the GMAT test AWA section. The truth is, it is a lot easier to score well on the GMAT AWA section than most people believe. In fact, even individuals whose first language is not English can do remarkably well. […]