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Focusing On Easy GMAT Verbal Questions Instead Of Difficult Ones

I see a common trend with students and GMAT verbal questions. Unfortunately, individuals seem to always focus on the easiest GMAT verbal questions. Although it seems great to do a set of problems in a short amount of time and get them all the GMAT verbal questions correct. When that occurs congratulate yourself. However, after […]

Dealing With Time When Taking GMAT Verbal Questions

A lot GMAT test takers have issues with time when taking GMAT verbal questions. Most students don’t understand that time is your most valuable resource when you take GMAT verbal questions. Becuase you have only 75 minutes to answer either 41 GMAT verbal questions or 37 quantitative questions, how you allocate that time is crucial […]

How Should You Focus On GMAT Verbal Questions

For those of you who would like more advice on GMAT verbal questions, here is some. For many of you, when you study for GMAT verbal questions you are going to stay up very late at night. Although this was fine to do in college, it won’t be a good idea when studying for the […]

Additional Tips For GMAT Verbal Questions

Here is an example of a student I had who was studying GMAT verbal questions. When this student was studying for the GMAT test, he believed that if he constantly took GMAT verbal questions his score would improve dramatically. However, although he was prepared for the GMAT verbal questions, he wasn’t ready when the GMAT […]

GMAT Verbal Questions Changing?

Here is some interesting news that may have ramifications for GMAT verbal questions. GMAC, the maker of the GMAT test, has annoucned a bit more information about their research process for the Next Generation GMAT test. This GMAT test is expected to launch in 2013. Here is some more information on the new GMAT test […]

More Students Taken GMAT Verbal Questions Every Day

Every year more and more students practice GMAT verbal questions and take the GMAT test. In fact GMAC, the makers of the GMAT test, just stated that there are now more than 500 centers on the planet where you can take the GMAT test. This is up more than 25 percent since 2006. There are […]

How To Study For GMAT Verbal Questions

At 2minuteGMAT a lot of time is spent on finding the best ways to study for GMAT questions. In particular, within the past few weeks we have focused on the best ways to study for GMAT verbal questions. We are very committed to the highest quality of education for GMAT verbal questions, and we’re always […]

Estimation And Problem Solving Advice For GMAT Quantitative Questions

There are a number of problems that the GMAT test throws on you, particularly with GMAT quantitative questions. Does the problem contain the word “approximately” or something similar? Are the numerical answer choices decently far apart? Is there a diagram, or could you draw one, that would allow you to estimate? Can you assess things […]

Measure How Competitive Your MBA Application Is By Stacy Blackman Consulting

Unfortunately, there is no exact equation for business school fit just as there is no perfect way to measure how competitive your MBA application is relative to your competition. However, there are characteristics that correlate positively with success. We’ve created a list of these variables so that you can develop an approximate measure of how […]

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How Educated Guesses Apply to GMAT Quantitative Questions

Making educations can be a critical part of your success with GMAT quantitative questions. Generally with GMAT quantitative questions you can either do a random or educated guess. A random guess is one where you have not made any elimination in the GMAT quantitative question. An educated guess is one where you have utilized logic […]