2Minute GMAT


What is 2minuteGMAT?

2minuteGMAT was created by two individuals who, with the help of a daily email reminder, scored in the 99th and 94th percentile on the GMAT.

How is it going to help me improve my score?

2minuteGMAT improves your score by sending you a unique email every day for 3 months with the following:

Can you further explain how this will help me?

We found that the most common reason people don’t attain their desired GMAT scores is that with our busy lives, we forget about studying and about our goal of attending business school. 2minuteGMAT solves this problem by sending out emails every day with questions and insight to help you reach your goal. By spending 2 minutes every day reading the emails we send you, we guarantee you can improve your GMAT score by at least 50 points.

Is there a guarantee that I will improve my score?

Absolutely. If you are not happy with 2minuteGMAT or your score does not improve by at least 50 points, you can ask for a full return of your money.

What happens when I take the GMAT?

When you have taken the GMAT and are happy with your score, you may remove yourself from receiving daily emails. On the bottom of each email sent there is a button where you can remove yourself from receiving daily emails.

How do I stop receiving daily emails?

On the bottom of each email sent there is a button where you can ask to remove yourself from receiving daily emails.

Will my email address be shared with anyone else?

Absolutely not. Customer privacy is our top priority.

How much will this cost?

For a limited time we are offering a onetime fee of $29.99.

How long does this last for? Are there any monthly fees?

For the price of $29.99, you may receive these emails for 3 months (90 days). There are no monthly fees.

What do I do if I want to switch the email address that questions are being sent to?

Contact us at Team@2minuteGMAT and we will have the email address changed.

Where can I contact you if I have any questions?

You can contact us at Team@2minuteGMAT.com.

Who do I contact if I want a refund?

Contact Team@2minuteGMAT.com.