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2011 Top GMAT and MBA Resources

The year 2011 is beginning to come to an end, although it certainly seems to have gone by quickly. We wanted to begin rounding out the year by selecting some of the top GMAT and MBA resources we have identified throughout the web. We hope these are of help to business school candidates, regardless of whether you are beginning your GMAT studies or are preparing for your MBA interviews:


Manhattan GMAT Blog: If you are looking for specific advice on how to break down GMAT questions, then you should look no further than Manhattan GMAT. The quality of content on the company’s blog is as high as on their GMAT Guides (which is saying a lot), and considering that the information is free, this is a site you should not miss.

GMAT Hacks: Jeffrey Sackman continues to produce great content, with not only advice about how to break down questions, but also with tips on general GMAT prep strategy. Here is an example of one of his great articles.

MBA.com: Ok, we know this is the site where candidates register for the GMAT. What most people do not know is that this site also provides 2 free official GMAT practice tests. Make sure not to miss these practice exams before your test day.


F1GMAT: This site consistently produces great content. We are predicting that in 2012 this site’s impact on the MBA community will only continue to grow.


Beat the GMAT: Has anyone not heard of these guys? This is a site every business school candidate visits. What many people have not seen, however, is Beat the GMAT’s MBA Watch application, which is great if you want to find the latest updates on business schools.


GMAT Club: Similar to Beat the GMAT, this is a must visit site for business school candidates. One thing the site has done a phenomenal job with is in creating a marketplace with discounts for GMAT Prep and MBA admissions services.

Pagal Guy: If you are an Indian candidate pursuing an MBA, this is the site to visit. The website has one of the most active communities that we have seen throughout the web.

MBA Admissions

Stacy Blackman Consulting: The thought leader in the MBA admissions space, Stacy’s site is jam-packed with great information. If you are interested in a particular school, she even provides sections with specific advice. Her team also provides free 30 minute phone consultations.

Stacy Blackman Consulting

Apply in the Sky: This company provides a great tool for managing the long and complicated admissions process. We also love the job they have done on their MBA School Finder.

Poets & Quants: This website, founded by former BusinessWeek Executive Editor John A. Byrne, provides high quality and fun articles on top business schools. We particularly like the school comparison articles that the site has, for example with HBS vs. Stanford GSB.

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