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Additional Benefits Of Reading On GMAT Verbal Questions

There are a number of benefits that reading can have on your GMAT verbal questions. We all know how time-pressured the GMAT experience is, so wouldn’t you give anything to have a bit more time on test day?  Improving your overall reading speed can help with ALL types of test questions, verbal and math, saving you time on Test Day.

While many people focus less on the reading comprehension portion of the exam, because they feel it is straightforward, reading comp can actually become many test-takers’ downfall if they are not careful.  The more you read, the more you improve your comprehension skills, helping you with Reading Comp questions, along with most other GMAT question types.

GMAT Verbal Questions

The more you read, the more you will naturally improve your familiarity with commonly accepted grammar usage and style, helping you with some of the nuances on GMAT sentence correction questions.

So what should you read then?  First of all, let me remind any non-native English speakers out there—whatever reading you are doing, make sure it is in ENGLISH!  That might sound like common sense, but I have tutored many international students who, when I ask them what they are reading during their down times, are doing all of their reading in their native language.   Reading more in English is crucial if English isn’t your native language.  Also, if you aren’t as used to reading on the computer, you may want to try to do that as much as possible too, in preparation for your GMAT experience which will be all on the computer.

As far as exact content, besides your GMAT practice materials, if you’d like to stick closer to GMAT-style tone and content, you might read scholarly journals or news publications.  Articles in publications such as The Economist, and Scientific American come close to the GMAT style, for example.   But ANYTHING you read, compared with not reading, can still help you in some way, so as a supplement to your test prep plan, be sure you increase your time spent reading for an extra boost in test-taking ability.

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