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Advice On How to Solve GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

I think we all know that Critical Reasoning GMAT Questions can be a pain. However, there are ways to make the GMAT questions. We hope the following tips will be helpful:

1. When taking Critical Reasoning GMAT Questions, look at the stem of the question in the beginning. You should find out what the question type is. If additional information is there, use it to help you find the conclusion as quickly as you can

2. When you have found out what the question type is, tell yourself what you need to do on GMAT questions like this.

3. Remember, if there are certain traps that you fall for, know why you tend to make those mistakes and set up a process to help you avoid them.

The very difficult wrong answers will often address just a premise or just the conclusion and they won’t explain why the premise leads up to the conclusion. Wrong answers also may “follow on” from the conclusion, or talk about what would happen if the conclusion were true. Some incorrect answers may simply be out of scope.

Best of luck on your GMAT test studying.

-2minuteGMAT Team

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