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Common Mistakes On GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

Here is some help for when you are solving GMAT Critical Reasoning questions. In Critical Reasoning, most often the common mistakes occur when you solving a specific problem. Primarily, the four major types are: Find the Assumption, Draw a Conclusion, Strengthen the Conclusion, and Weaken the Conclusion. These are all problems you will face on the GMAT Critical Reasoning questions.

On Find the Assumption, Strengthen, or Weaken types, the right answer for the GMAT verbal questions needs to be related to the conclusion in some way. Normally, wrong answers are not connected at all. This is a clear sign that the answer for the GMAT Critical Reasoning question is incorrect. If you’re considering between two choices and one does not connect as well to the conclusion, choose the other answer. This is really important advice for GMAT Critical Reasoning questions.

GMAT Critical Reasoning Practice Questions

When you are dealing with Draw a Conclusion on GMAT Critical Reasoning questions, wrong answers will often be very extreme. These GMAT Critical Reasoning questions will go way past the scope of what we believe to be true from the information. If you are debating between two choices on a GMAT Critical Reasoning question and have to choose one answer, choose the one that isn’t too extreme. This answer on the GMAT Critical Reasoning question is normally incorrect.

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