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Experimental GMAT Verbal Questions

There are a number of individuals who believe that the first GMAT verbal questions on the GMAT test are very important because of the GMAT test’s adaptive nature; they have the belief that how you answer the first GMAT verbal questions will determine the sort of questions you get for the rest of the GMAT test.

From what we have been told by GMAC, these beliefs about GMAT verbal questions are wrong. There’s another thing – could the very first questions on the GMAT test be experimental, and thus not count at all toward your score? Particularly with GMAT verbal questions, this question is very interesting.

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We were told from a friend of GMAC that every experimental item has been tested everywhere on the GMAT test.  An experimental GMAT verbal questions will have appeared as every number on the GMAT test before being added to other items.  From these questions on the GMAT verbal questions, it seems almost certain that yes, the very first GMAT verbal questions you see may very well be experimental and not count toward your score.

What’s one of the messages from this for GMAT verbal questions?  Among other items, it’s one more reason not to wonder too much about the early GMAT verbal questions and maintain a good pace throughout the GMAT test.  You don’t want to be spending extra time on a GMAT verbal questions that doesn’t count, and this applies as much to the first GMAT verbal questions as it does to one in the middle.

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