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Finding The Point In GMAT Reading Comprehension Questions

Here is some more help with your GMAT reading comprehension question studies. An important part of GMAT reading comprehension questions is finding the Point. The Point can be found in one sentence somewhere in the passage. Most common is that the Point can be found in the first few or last few sentences of the entire GMAT reading comprehension question passage, but it is possible for The Point to show up anywhere. Primarily, we recommend GMAT test takers focus on either the first or last passage.

GMAT Reading Comprehension Question

Therefore,  if a new passage in a GMAT reading comprehension question shows up on the read the first sentence and then pause. Rephrase this in your mind and write down a note. This sentence can be a critical part of the GMAT reading comprehension question. Then do the same with the second sentence. Once you think you understand the purpose of that one paragraph for the GMAT reading comprehension question, you can start reviewing the rest of the paragraph. While you review this, you’re trying to make this distinction: is this information just detail that goes along with whatever I decided was the purpose of this paragraph? This can be important in finding out what the passage in the GMAT reading comprehension questions is trying to tell you. If it’s just detail, then write down the detail and move forward. If it represents a new idea or change of direction, then pay a little more attention and take some short notes.

Continue with the other paragraphs in the GMAT reading comprehension question, though you can read quicker. Over time, your ability to determine the meaning of each GMAT reading comprehension question will improve.

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