2Minute GMAT

GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)

GMAC stands for the Graduate Management Admission Council, which is an organization comprised by the most influential graduate business schools in the world. The main objective of the GMAC is to provide graduate school, student and companies the most reliable measure of graduate and professional success available on the market. Furthermore, the GMAC is always looking for different options that can aid its constituency the most accurate measurement of capabilities.


The most widely recognized product designed and administered by GMAC is the GMAT exam. This examination was designed in 1954 and consists on a series of incrementally challenging questions in a computerized format. The GMAT is also a standardized test which has four different sections: The Analytical Writing Assessment (1 essay of 30 mins each), the Integrated Reasoning section (12 questions 30 mins), the Quantitative section (37 Questions in 75 mins) and the Verbal section (41 questions in 75 mins), following this order.

However, the GMAC also offers different services to business schools, including global research on interactive profiling of prospective students, research reports on breaking issues and survey data mapping trends and measuring outcomes. Other tools are design to allow business schools to perform at the highest levels and attract the best possible students. Some of these tools include mba.com school search service, news communications, GMASS® (Graduate Management Admission Search Service®), calendar of events, and leadership and professional development programs.

GMAC has been, and will continue to be one of the most important organizations when it comes to business school admission processes.

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