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GMAT Question Review On Reading Comprehension Questions

The other day I was asked on the best strategy on completing the reading part of a GMAT test reading comprehension question. In particular, I was asked , what are we supposed to do and look for in the GMAT Verbal question during the first few minutes before we start to answer the first question?

To answer the question, when we start a specific type of GMAT question, we should have certain goals in mind GMAT test Reading comprehension questions are the same way. We need to have some idea in mind about how much time it will take. A good goal is to complete an initial read-through of an RC passage in several minutes (2-3). Additionally, you should try to answer “general” questions in about 1 minute and more technical GMAT questions in about closer to two minutes.

An important note is that you should take short notes while reading through the passage. These notes for the GMAT question should be shortened and heavily abbreviated. Unfortunately we often do not have enough time for the GMAT questions.

Additionally, we should have some goals for the initial read-through of the GMAT question. In each GMAT question there is a topic and The Point. The topic is the basic premise under discussion in the passage. The Point is the main reason the GMAT question has been written.

You should be sure to take note of these when answering the GMAT reading questions.

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