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GMAT Question Verbal Advice For "Among" vs. "Between"

GMAT Verbal Questions can be very difficult. Most of us realize how difficult these can be and how important it is is to understand specific grammatical rules. The following is a GMAT question explanation on the difference between “Among” and “Between” in GMAT verbal questions.

1) When using the word between, it should be with two items.

An example of this is: Tim was standing between Stef and Adam.
2) Some more information you should know about this GMAT Verbal Grammatical Rule: Between can be used to talk about distances as well as the prior mention.

An example of this is: He will be at home between six and ten.

3) Additionally, you should use the word “Between” before each.

An example of the following rule is: There seems to be less and less food between each dinner.

4) For the word “Among”, you should use this with three or more items.

An example of this is: Terry divided her wealth among her three daughters.

5) Remember that you should between when something is between several separated things. You should use among when something is in a group that cannot be seen distinctively.

An example of this is: My house is between the trees, the beach and the town.

We sincerely hope that this was of help to you. If you are interested in reading about more GMAT verbal advice, be sure to stay tuned.

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