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GMAT Verbal Advice On Sentence Correction GMAT Questions

Today we’re going to discuss the GMAT Verbal Question regarding “Ago” and “Since”. There is a good chance that you’ll end up seeing this on the GMAT test.

When facing GMAT test questions on “Ago” and “Since”, understand that both of these words are talking about the past, and often they can be exchanged for one another. This can make it tricky on the GMAT Test.

For the word “Ago”; this is referring to the present to current day. This word is used after the word or phrase it is referring to.

An example of this is: The mother gave birth a few minutes ago.

When dealing with the word “Since” on the GMAT test, understand that this is referring to the past to the present. It is used with the present or past perfect tense.

An example of this is: Karen hasn’t eaten since dinner.

We sincerely hope this was of help to you on your GMAT Verbal Questions. Best of luck on the GMAT Test!

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