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GMAT Verbal Question Advice Difference Between "Aim At" and "Aim To"

Unfortunately, when you are dealing with GMAT Verbal Questions, you are likely to across the following GMAT Verbal Questions. The following is regarding the different between “Aim To” and “Aim At.”

When looking at the words “Aim to” make sure to understand that the GMAT Verbal definition is to try or intend to do something.

An example of this is: Mcdonald’s aims to please customers.

You should include a verb after “Aim To”.

Separately, when looking at the word “Aim At”, understand that the GMAT Verbal Test definition of this is to plan, intend or to have as one’s purpose,

An example of this is: In his last presentation the Senator took aim at the opposition country.

We sincerely hope this was of help to you on your GMAT Verbal Preparation. Be sure to follow up if you have any other questions on GMAT Verbal Preparation Advice.

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