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GMAT Verbal Question Advice: Less and Fewer

Here is some GMAT Verbal question advice on when to use “Less” and “Fewer.” These two words can cause a lot of trouble for many people, but we hope this GMAT Verbal Question advice helps. It is so critical to learn and memorize these grammatical errors, as they will continue to show up on the GMAT test. If you are looking for more advice for GMAT Verbal Questions, visit this GMAT Verbal Question Advice link.

1). What separates the words “Less” and “Fewer”

Less is used often before objects that cannot be counted.

An example of this is: Derek makes less money than you.

The word “Fewer” is used right before nouns that are greater than 1

An example of this is: The teacher has got fewer issues than her used to have.

2). When dealing with the words “Less of” and “fewer of”, recognize that these words are often determined by the words before them.

An example of this is: At the high school reunions, there are fewer of us each decade.

When look a nouns that do not have determiners before them, remember that these words do not use “of.”

An example of this is: If you want to lose fat, eat less meat. (Do not say: less of meat)
3). Additionally, nouns can be not included after less and fewer if the meaning of the sentence is obvious.

An example of this is: Some people go to WalMart, but less/fewer than 20 years ago

4). Lesser is often used to mean “smaller”

An example of this is: the lesser of two evils.

We sincerely hope this was of help to you. Remember to keep studying hard on these GMAT Verbal Questions; you’re going to go great on the GMAT test. If you have any questions for GMAT Verbal Questions, feel free to reach out.

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