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Guest Post On Improving Candidacy

Improve Your Candidacy, Then Improve Your Application

For people applying to major business schools, October, November, and December will inevitably be months filled with typing, spell-checking, typing, editing, typing, proofreading…and then some more typing.  But (depending on your deadline) July, August and even September can be very fruitful months both for your professional development and for improving your business school application – or, more precisely, for improving your business school candidacy.  While many b-school aspirants see the spring and summer solely as a time to take a GMAT prep course, it can actually be the best time to begin planning for the application – and more importantly, to identify the elements of your candidacy that you wish to improve.  Two easy ways to bolster your overall candidacy (before the final rush of the fall and winter when you are immersed in writing essays and compiling application materials) are to seek new responsibilities at work, and use travel to expand your personal and professional horizons.  In the coming weeks we will tackle the many ways to bolster candidacy; below we discuss work and travel.

Seek Out New Responsibilities at Work

Applicants who take stock of their professional accomplishments in the months ahead of their application process may just end up seeing some holes.  Scratch that: they will always see holes.  Filling holes is what getting an MBA is all about.  But we want to make sure we have demonstrated some skill and capability for growth in the areas we have targeted for our future careers.  Sometimes, it makes sense to make progress in these areas before business school.  Even just a couple of assignments in a new area can confirm that you are indeed interested and that you have the capacity to achieve at a high level in the future.


You’ve worked hard the last several years.  You’re going to spend a ton of hours cooped up studying for that pesky GMAT, and in the fall you’re going to spend 50 to 100 hours in front of your computer writing and editing essays.  You deserve a vacation.  But instead of just making a quick jaunt to Vegas for golf and gambling, consider planning a vacation with a dual agenda of fun and personal enrichment.  Injecting a bit of a learning agenda into your trip can expand your personal horizons, help more fully define your career objectives, and provide you more material for essays and interviews.

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