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Hardest GMAT Questions

There are many GMAT consultants who mistakenly encourage student to focus on the first 10 questions of the Quantitative and Verbal sections of the GMAT exam. Many people think that this is the best technique to beating the GMAT and tackling the hardest GMAT Questions. Now, let´s pause for one second.

Are the hardest GMAT questions even important? The key to understanding the importance of the GMAT Hardest Question lays on the GMAT´s unique computerized system. The GMAT exam is, in fact, a computerized adaptive test. This means that every taker will have a personalized set of questions which adapt to the abilities of the taker. So the answer to our earliest question is yes, answering the hardest questions in the GMAT exam is important. The harder the questions you answer the highest your final score will be.

GMAT Hardest Question

A hard question is considered hard when 90% to 95% of test takers can´t answer it. This situation would place a question in the 90th to 95th percentile. If you want to be part of those answering the hardest questions you have to focus on your study plan and on your strategy. It is important to cover the contents that will be evaluated, as well as practicing the different types of exercises. But, one of the most important aspects you should consider is the short cuts and strategic routes you can take to solve questions. The challenge is that these questions can involve any topic – new photo sharing websites, donor walls, any type of industry or field.

In other words, try to recognize words that trigger a problem solving reaction on you, such as ¨how many different squares¨ (permutations or combinations), ¨What is the author trying to…¨ (assumptions). Having your notions clear and keeping a calm state will help you beat the hardest questions on the GMAT even if you make some mistakes on the way.

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