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How to Solve Algebraic Questions On The GMAT

GMAT Questions and GMAT Test

When taking the GMAT test, you are bound to run into many Algebraic GMAT questions. Don’t worry about these GMAT questions at all; there are strategies you can take to solve these problems.

In order to solve algebraic questions on the GMAT, it is necessary to turn the words in the problem into algebra. With these questions, you should assign variables to the words. After you have done this, write equations to explain the relationship between the known variables and the unknown variables in the question.

Follow the following steps when solving Algebraic Questions on the GMAT test:

Step 1: Assign variables to the unknown quantities
Step 2: Write equations to state the relationship between the known and unknown variables
Step 3: Isolate the variables onto 1 side and solve the question algebraically.
Step 4: Evaluate the algebraic solution in the context of the problem.

When you have the variable solved, look back to the original problem to make sure that you have solved for the variable that the question is asking for.

Most algebraic problems involve only addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Make sure to look for products, ratios, differences, and totals.

This should help you improve your ability on GMAT questions and your score on the GMAT test. We sincerely hope this was of help to you,

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