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How To Solve Sentence Correction Questions On The GMAT

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Sentence Correction questions on the GMAT can be notoriously difficult. We hope that this following post will allow you to better understand these GMAT questions.

Sentence Correction problems on the GMAT test you on the following:

1) Grammar: Does the sentence following the rules of Standard Written English?

2) Meaning: Is the meaning of the sentence obvious and clear?

3) Concision: Is the sentence written as sparingly as possible?

You should make sure to note and remember: In order to complete the Verbal Section, including the time consuming Reading questions, you should take no more than 90 seconds on average to answer a Section Correction question. You should consider setting your goal to 1 minute per Sentence Correction Question. In order to be able to solve all of the GMAT questions, you should always remember to consider the amount of time needed for each question.

The key to answering Sentence Correction questions within this Time Frame is to divide the answer choices after you have read the given sentence. To best solve the GMAT Sentence Correction questions, you should follow these steps:

1. Write down “A B C D E” on your paper.

2. Read the sentence, noting any obvious errors you see.

3. Scan the answer choices on the GMAT test question vertically. At first, do not focus on comprehending each of these GMAT answer choices. Focus on looking for differences among answer choices.

4. Choose a difference among the sentence for which you know the grammatical rule and which you know which difference is correct.

5. On your paper, cross out the answer choices that include the incorrect difference.

6. Compare the remaining answer choices by re-dividing the answer choices based on new differences among answer choices. Continue to find differences in the answer choices, but make sure you only use the answer choices that remain.

7. After you have completed these steps, continue to divide and find differences among answer choices until you have one answer left on the GMAT test question.

At this point, you will have successfully solve the GMAT Sentence Correction question. Although this may seem a bit complicated right now, with some practice you will be able to answer these problems strategically with no problem.

We sincerely hope this was of help to you.

-The 2minuteGMAT Team

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