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Importance Of Taking Notes When Answering Reading Comprehension GMAT Questions

We wanted to make a note regarding the importance of taking notes when you are answering reading comprehension GMAT questions. When you take your notes, you should make sure to abbreviate as much as you can. Your notes should be even more abbreviated then you normally do in other work. For a lot of top GMAT test takers, their notes were so abbreviated that it was hard for them to read the next day.

You might be asking how you can abbreviate so much. This is something that takes practice but that can dramatically help improve your GMAT score with. Most likely you will spend 6 to 8 minutes with each GMAT reading comprehension passage and then you will not remember it. You don’t need to commit anything to long-term memory, but you just need to get your thoughts on paper. These notes are critical to speeding up the time needed to solve each GMAT reading comprehension question. That time can make the difference between whether you earn a top score on the GMAT test.

We hope you enjoyed this article on tips for beating GMAT reading comprehension questions.

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