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MBA.com is the official GMAT website. The website provides potential graduate business students and business schools different tools to understand what the exam encompasses and the objectives of the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) has. In this article we will talk about some of the features and resources users can take advantage of when visiting MBA.com.


To begin with, when a student is considering whether or not to attend business school, MBA.com can offer some light through its section Why B-school section? This particular section shows potential applicants the benefits of attending business schools, as well as the different steps one should take in order to be admitted into one. For those who are a little skeptical about the entire process and the overall decision, the same section offers the possibility of meeting alums from different MBA programs. Added to this, the website shares information on the GMAT (the GMAT section), including the different parts it has, the length of the test, and the way one should interpret the possible scores. This is a very important resource, because most students considering business school often base their decision on whether or not they feel they can be successful on the GMAT. The resource gives some confidence and makes the GMAT less intimidating.

Finally, the website offers potential applicant the possibility to explore the top MBA programs available and related information (Schools & Programs section). In fact through this section students can find schools, events at these schools, forms of financing and the list of schools that accept the GMAT.

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