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Missing Options On GMAT Practice Questions

Here is a post of some of the other mistakes GMAT test takers make on GMAT practice questions. This mistake occurs when there is a limited amount of time and you must move on to other GMAT practice questions. When answering all of your GMAT practice questions quickly, there are a number of opportunities to make mistakes. After you remove certain choices, guess and try to find with GMAT practice question choice is correct. In order to have a better opportunity for your highest score on your GMAT test, practice working under limited time for GMAT practice questions. This can be done in a number of ways. A lot of this is discussed by Knewton.

GMAT Quantitative Questions

For some GMAT practice questions, you will be asked to find all of the different solutions possible. This common mistake can happen when you don’t consider all options..

An example of the GMAT practice questions:
Square X and square Y are in a high box. What is the total number of boxes in the stack?

(1) There are 7 boxes above Square X and 8 boxes below Square Y.
(2) There are 3 boxes between Square X and Square Y.

For this GMAT practice questions, it is known that each part alone is insufficient to answer the question. Using both statements together, however, seems to some test takers as sufficient since it gives data as to how many boxes are above, between and below box A and box B. These GMAT practice questions are known to be particularly difficult.

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