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Mistakes On GMAT Verbal Questions

There are a number of common mistakes that GMAT test takers run into, particular with GMAT verbal questions. A common mistake that GMAT test takers make is that the only way to truly understand GMAT verbal questions is to see every problem that has been created.

Given the number of GMAT test questions available, particularly GMAT verbal questions, there is plenty of GMAT test material out there. Additionally, you should aim to see a number of GMAT verbal questions so that you know which concepts you will see on the GMAT test. However, simply showing yourself all of these GMAT verbal questions is not enough; you have to actually study and learn each of the GMAT verbal questions. This often means that you need to do fewer GMAT verbal questions.

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You are not finished with your GMAT verbal questions when you get the GMAT question correct. You should spend twice as long reviewing a problem as you spend doing it, even if you got it correct. Additionally, as a part of your review of GMAT verbal questions, ask yourself whether you understand and saw the topics being tested. Did you do answer the GMAT verbal question in the best way possible? Was there another approach you could have done? Does the issue or any of the concepts tell you of other GMAT verbal questions you’ve seen in the past? You should aim to find a lesson in each GMAT verbal question and be able to apply those lessons to future problems on the GMAT test.

We hope this was of help in your GMAT verbal questions.

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