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Scoring A 700 On The GMAT Test

There are a number of individuals who believe that you absolutely believe you need to score a 700 on the GMAT test to get into a top MBA program. This has been argued, but in general the average score of a top MBA program is above a 700. As most people know, a great deal of the admitted students score below the average and half of them score above the score..

What is important to note on the GMAT test is that a number of these students were in part accepted for favorable characteristics. Examples of these characteristics include ethnic or geographic diversity, unusual accomplishment or success, military service, disability, and others. For admission into to MBA programs, these characteristics may allow them to allow them to gain acceptance with a lesser score.

GMAT Quantitative Question Tips

If you do not have any of these characteristics, you will need to score well above the average on the GMAT test to do well. Top MBA programs are incredibly competitive. However, your salary after an MBA program will be significant. Graduates are generously rewarded after graduation from a top business school. In 2007, the average salary of all MBA graduates exceeded $100,000 and it increases every year. Make sure to study hard for the GMAT test and do your best to be accepted into a top MBA program.

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