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Scratch And GMAT Verbal Question Rules

One of the big surprises for those who are preparing for the GMAT test and GMAT verbal questions is the scratch work rules.  For those who do not know, on the GMAT test you do not use scratch paper. Actually, you are given legal-sized sheets that are bound together on which to do your GMAT verbal questions. Along with these sheets you will be given a pen.  Remember that you will be unable to erase on test day.

If you use up all of the space on your scratch sheets for GMAT verbal questions and need more, you can raise your hand and ask for more. Unfortunately, this may take up time. For GMAT verbal questions , in order to reduce the time you ask for more space, always switch them out during the breaks.  You may want to, for example, on GMAT verbal questions, trade once during the GMAT verbal questions and use one set for the other section.


In order to stick to these information, you can follow a few GMAT verbal question strategies to use as little space as possible.  Practice limiting your space used when taking practice GMAT verbal questions.  This will force you to write in a little amount of space, which will help on the GMAT test. We hope this was of help to you on your GMAT verbal questions.

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