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Skills Needed For GMAT Quantitative Questions

There a number of skills needed to solve GMAT quantitative questions. A key skill for GMAT quantitative questions that most people don’t know about is the ability to convert fractions to decimals. This is very important for GMAT quantitative questions. As time is important when working on GMAT quantitative questions, making sure if it is faster to solve a GMAT quantitative questions using decimals or fractions can make matter between completing every question and getting it wrong.

When approaching a GMAT quantitative questions in which you will have to focus with certain numbers, you should always make an active decision for GMAT quantitative questions whether decimals or fractions will allow you to get to the answer in less time. In order to do this well on GMAT test day, you should work on GMAT quantitative questions solving in a number of ways. Exactly which GMAT quantitative questions will be faster using which numbers will be different for everybody, so it is key that you determine the types of problems in which you find each more efficient.

Additionally, for GMAT quantitative questions you should learn specific math changes. If you encounter a fraction for which you do not know the decimal equivalent, the best action is to convert it to a fraction that has a denominator of 100 or 1000. This will make the problem solver and you will improve your ability on GMAT quantitative questions.

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