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Strategies For Solving GMAT Quantitative Questions

For GMAT quantitative questions, essential every GMAT quantitative can be figured out in more than one way. Some of the various approaches to GMAT quantitative questions include guessing numbers, backsolving and just figuring out the solution. However, you will deal some GMAT quantitative questions that you are unable to solve. The GMAT test is a computer adaptive test, so it doesn’t necessarily mean you are not doing well on your GMAT quantitative questions. It just means that you will be faced with a GMAT quantitative question on which you will need to answer quickly, which happens to everyone, since as you do better, the GMAT quantitative questions become harder. With only a few GMAT quantitative question in the quantitative section, it is vital that you choose sooner rather than later on GMAT quantitative questions you do not know how to solve.

GMAT Quantitative Questions

In such parts you are not completely out of luck for the GMAT quantitative questions. You do not know a mathematical way to get to the answer, it does not mean that you cannot find the right an answer in other ways. Specifically, this is when your strategic guessing skills will come into play.

Because the GMAT test is a multiple-choice test, if you come across a GMAT quantitative question on which a must guess, you do not need to do so by guessing. Otherwise, you should determine whether the GMAT quantitative question must have any specific answers. After this, focus on units. If your GMAT quantitative question asks for inches, and one answer is twelve times larger than another, there is a good chance the smaller of the two is a trap answer that gives the result in feet. We hope this was of help to you on your GMAT quantitative questions.

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