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Taking The GMAT Test In Another Country

Here is some information on taking the GMAT test in another country. While GMAT test content is the same everywhere in the world, GMAT test in other countries often have very different questions. GMAT test takers whose native language is one other than English often are concerned about GMAT sentence correction questions of the test.  Most would believe a native speaker to have the advantage on a GMAT test of grammar, you need to remember that native speakers, for the most part, don’t actually learn a lot of grammar. This is very important information for the GMAT test.  Non-native speakers may have a better time approaching GMAT sentence correction questions in a systematic manner.


These same worries often arise for UK GMAT test takers when learning that idioms are tested on the GMAT test.  An idiom is a commonly accepted set of words that has no specific GMAT test grammatical underpinning.   However, in England the commonly accepted phrase on the GMAT test is often different from the one accepted in the US.  For Most US students would say they are enrolled in a Kaplan course for the GMAT test, while most British students would say they are enrolled on a Kaplan course.  Although facing idioms can be a bit tricky initially on the GMAT, it generally just requires some memorization to get around. We hope this was of help to you on the GMAT test.

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