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Techniques For Making Educated Guesses On GMAT Verbal Questions

Continuing off of our last post, we are now going to discuss more techniques for making educated guesses on GMAT verbal question.

For GMAT verbal questions, there are a number of techniques you can take with making educated guesses. Primarily, the techniques will depend on the problem type. Critical reasoning problems will have different techniques than reading comprehension. We’ll be discussing the most common techniques for GMAT verbal questions, but we will follow up with more information in the future. For these GMAT verbal questions, what is most important is that you constantly ask yourself how you can remove answer choices on these verbal questions. GMAT verbal writers are constantly trying to find ways to trick you on the GMAT test. Make sure to be focused on these questions; even the toughest GMAT verbal questions can be beaten.

GMAT Verbal Question Tips

As an additional comment, what we will talk about in this GMAT verbal question section in includes taking guesses on certain questions. GMAT verbal questions like this will not always be incorrect. Make sure to always remember this. Writers will always try to trick you on the GMAT verbal test. There will always be exceptions to everything you learn.

We hope this was of help to you on your GMAT verbal questions.

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