2Minute GMAT

Things To Remember When Studying For GMAT Practice Questions

The following are parts to remember when studying for GMAT practice questions. First, remember to spend more time on the first 15 GMAT practice questions. You should not go through these questions too quickly as they are worth more. The first dozen+ GMAT practice questions on each part are the most important parts on the GMAT test. These GMAT practice questions have the greatest strength on your final GMAT test score. Be as knowing as possible that the GMAT practice questions are correct before you move on. Take some more time on the GMAT test if you need. Check yourself on your GMAT practice questions thoroughly. You can spend up to 3 minutes per GMAT practice questions on average. If you get stuck on one of these GMAT practice questions, spend up to 7 minutes before moving on.


Additionally, solve GMAT practice questions 16-25 quicker. At this point, you should still have about 30 minutes remaining in your GMAT practice questions. Importantly, you should give you around 2 minutes per GMAT practice questions on average. This should be sufficient time to solve carefully and rapidly check your solutions to each part. You should not spend more time than 3 minutes for each GMAT practice questions in this part. If you need, make a strong guess and move on. We hope this was of help to your GMAT practice questions.

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