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What´s On The GMAT Verbal Section?

The GMAT exam is a computerized adaptive test, in other words, as questions are correctly answered by the respondent, these will get harder. In the opposite case, if questions are incorrectly answered these will not get more difficult. The New Generation GMAT is divided into four different sections: The Analytical Writing Assessment, The Integrated Reasoning Section, The Quantitative Section and the Verbal Section. On this particular article, we will concentrate on the particular aspects of the Verbal Section of the GMAT.

The Verbal Section is composed of 41 multiple choice question, which have to be answered within a period of 75 minutes. Each question will come in a particular format which will be either critical reasoning, sentence correction or reading comprehension. This section of the GMAT is scored in a scale of 0 to 60 points.

GMAT Verbal Section

Sentence correction questions try to evaluate the test taker´s ability on correct expression, effective expression and proper diction. Each question within this format will present a sentence, or paragraph with parts of the text underlined. The underlined section has to be evaluated and the taker can choose from 5 different answer choices, where the first choice is exactly the same as the underlined sentence under evaluation. The critical reasoning questions examine logical thinking. The test taker may have to come up with a conclusion, identify strengths or weaknesses of an argument, and/or pin point assumptions. The reading comprehension parts of this section tests the taker´s ability to read critically and to extract relevant information from a given passage. The length of these passages is generally 200 to 300 words.

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