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When Should I Make an Educated Guess On GMAT Verbal Questions?

On our last post we discussed the importance of making educated guesses on GMAT verbal questions. When you are dealing with GMAT verbal questions, we need to use different strategies then when we deal with GMAT quantitative questions. For GMAT verbal questions, we take an educated guess at the beginning of each GMAT question.

To begin, when you first examine the five answers in the GMAT verbal question you should determine which answers are absolutely incorrect. You will be able to cross off the GMAT verbal question answers immediately. This will help you to eliminate your answer choices. Right now we are not looking to determine which answers in the GMAT verbal question are correct; we are only eliminating the ones we know are not correct. It is unusual not to be able to eliminate any answers on the GMAT verbal question on your first try. If you can’t eliminate an answer on your first pass in the GMAT verbal question, you should consider making a random guess on this GMAT test question and continuing forward.

GMAT Verbal Practice Questions

Additionally, on your second run through on the GMAT verbal question, we take a more examined look at any answer choices that are left. If at this point you are still confused, we may need to use more sophisticated means to narrow down the GMAT verbal question answers.

I hope this was of help in your quest to improvement your ability on GMAT verbal questions.

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