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Help For GMAT Verbal Questions: Sentence Corrections

For a lot of individuals, sentence correction GMAT verbal questions can be the most difficult. Despite the hard appearance, you should not be intimidated by these GMAT verbal questions. There are steps you can take to eliminate answer choices on these questions.

For GMAT verbal questions there are often pairs of differences in the answer choices. Often you will be able to tell the difference between the correct and incorrect answer in these GMAT verbal questions. If you know what the right selection is for these GMAT verbal questions are and you need to make a guess, you can make the best estimate by guessing the variation that is normally more correct. As an example, in a split between “like” and “such as,” the words “such as” are more often correct. By understanding this in the GMAT verbal question, you are more likely to take the correct answer. In a split between “rather than” and “instead of,” “rather than” is more likely to appear in the correct answer. There are a number of tips like this that are very effective for the GMAT test.

GMAT Practice Verbal Question Tips

As you are studying and reading a split that you’ve seen before, consider which one is more likely to be correct. As you continue to do this you will see your score on GMAT verbal questions dramatically increase.

We hope this was of help to you on your GMAT verbal questions.

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