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Strategies For Solving GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

Recently we had the opportunity to talk to students who were having difficulty with GMAT Verbal Critical Reasoning questions. Often, they tended to run into issues when the first GMAT Verbal Critical Reasoning questions showed.

One mistake that a lot of students on the GMAT test in this situation is that they look at the argument too soon. This may not make a lot of sense, but it can really hurt your chances of solving the Critical Reasoning question when you take the GMAT test. On Critical Reasoning question, looking at the argument is not the first thing we should do. The first thing we should do is read the question stem.

After reading the question stem, we can understand the type of question we’re about to solve. For example, we can find out if this is the Assumption question or weaken the Conclusion GMAT test question. Furthermore, some GMAT question stems provide additional information beyond the basic question.

To summarize this strategy for solving GMAT Critical Reasoning questions:

(1) Read the GMAT question stem first. First find the question type and if there is more information, then use it to help you find the conclusion as quickly as you can.

(2) After you’ve found the GMAT question type, tell yourself what you need to do on GMAT questions like these

(3) Anticipate. If there are certain GMAT question traps you tend to take, understand why you tend to make those GMAT test mistakes and make sure not to make them.

We hope this was of help in preparing for the GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions.

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