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Hibox: bringing artificial Intelligence to enterprise messaging

Joincube Inc. has launched its second product Hibox, the first enterprise messaging tool to integrate group chat, tasks and videoconferencing with Artificial Intelligence that automatically recognizes tasks in chat messages and converts them into trackable projects.

Hibox is designed to streamline internal communication regardless of whether the team is located in the same office, or on other sides of the world. With Hibox, instead of emailing a colleague and waiting for a reply, users can open a chat directly with them, share files, documents and photos within conversations and see when messages have been received and read.

Users will never have to worry again about looking for information buried in long email chains. With Hibox, all a company’s important information is instantly searchable, shareable and accessible for those with granted access.

What sets Hibox apart from its competitors is having robust, easy to use task management seamlessly integrated with real time group chat and videoconferencing. Hibox allows users to create tasks and assign to projects or specific people. Users can also add due dates, set priorities, filter by project and status, receive updates and track progress.

Hibox differentiates its messaging app even further by automatically recognizing tasks with Artificial Intelligence. This is made possible by a proprietary algorithm that applies Machine Learning to recognize patterns in users’ behaviour and identify when a chat message sent is likely to be a task (ex. “Could you send me the latest version of the presentation?”). Users are then given the option to easily convert that message into a trackable task with a simple click, making sure no to-do’s are left unfinished.

“When working on our previous venture, Joincube, we experienced first-hand the challenges of running a dynamic team split over different countries and time-zones,” said Spencer Coon, COO and Co-founder of Hibox. “E-mails are too slow and important information often fails to get the attention of people who need it in time to meet our tight deadlines.  We built Hibox as a tool that delivers company information instantly and organizes our work with tasks so everyone knows what needs to get done next.”

Hibox was created in Latin America by the same team that launched Joincube, the leading enterprise social network in the region with offices in Buenos Aires, Santiago and São Paulo.

“We have achieved remarkable success with our previous product Joincube, reaching over 5000 companies in Latin America,” said Mariano Rodriguez, CEO and Co-founder of Joincube Inc.. “With Hibox our biggest challenge will be to build on this momentum and expand our market with a truly global offering. Unlike competitors such as Slack and ChatGrape, Hibox is designed to be used by real businesses of all shapes and sizes, not just tech-savvy startups.”

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