2Minute GMAT

Questions Day 8

1. If 5^A = B, what is A?

1. B = 25

2. B^3 = 15,625

2. In a store the ratio of fish to cats to bunnies in stock is 3 : 7 : 11. If the shop carries 196 fish and bunnies total in stock, how many fish are there?

3. At a contest with 1,500 participants, 1/2 of the people are aged 8 to 12. Next year, the number of people aged 8 to 12 will increase by 1/3. After this change, what percentage of the total 1,500 people will the 8 to 12 year olds represent?

4. The points A (-2, 3) and B (1, 7) lie on the coordinate plane. What is the length of line segment AB?

5. If (A+B)/C > 0, is A < 0?

1. A < B

2. C < 0

6. Sleeping pills had been showing up with regularity as a factor in traffic arrests, sometimes involving drivers that say they have no memory of driving.

7. Activity in Australia is regulated by the Australian Treaty, which was signed in 1959 by 12 countries and prohibits any military activity, supports scientific research, and is giving protection to the continent's ecozone.

8. Advertisement: Last year, Morgan Stanley continued its strong record of investment performance. Investors who included them in their portfolios realized an average gain of 20% across all of their investment assets, nearly double the market return. Therefore, investors interested in high returns should consider adding Morgan Stanley to their portfolios.

The claim in the advertisement above is based on which of the following assumptions?

9. In a helpful book on text-based electronic files, a well known scientist differentiated latent semantic indexing, which is a technique designed to analyze relationships among the words within documents, with vector space models, which can search efficiently using different indices.

10. Despite the increasing number of women graduating from business school, the proportion of managing directors and partners at elite investment banks who are women have not risen to a comparable extent.