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How To Get Into Stanford Business School

How To Get Into Stanford Business School – MBA applicants often look at the the top programs in the world and see how difficult it can be to be accepted. This is particularly true when considering a program such as Stanford Business School, which consistently ranks near the top, or the top, of business school […]

Making Use Of Time With MBA Applications

When focusing on your MBA applications, planning how you use and budget your time is critical to creating the essays needed to represent your accomplishments and potential contributions to a top business school. However, if you ignore your calendar and schedule, time will most decidedly be against you. MBA applicants need to balance the investment […]

Guest Post From Stacy Blackman

Your Candidacy:  Community Service/Extracurricular Activities Business schools pride themselves on training future leaders, not just educating a bunch of people who know how to calculate an IRR and overuse the word “leverage.”  They look out for individuals who are concerned about doing great work and improving the world around them.  Some young business people feel […]