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Additional Tips For GMAT Verbal Questions

Here is an example of a student I had who was studying GMAT verbal questions. When this student was studying for the GMAT test, he believed that if he constantly took GMAT verbal questions his score would improve dramatically. However, although he was prepared for the GMAT verbal questions, he wasn’t ready when the GMAT test came.

He was taking unnecessary GMAT tests and GMAT verbal questions. These did not help him learn the material to do well on the GMAT test. Use practice GMAT tests and sparingly. It is a great idea to take GMAT verbal questions, but more importantly you should understand the lessons behind each question. Use the GMAT tests to build stamina, get accustomed to the timing constraints, and gauge your progress. These GMAT tests also provide additional GMAT verbal questions.

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If you are fortunate enough to be using a GMAT test that gives you information, use that information to guide your future studying of GMAT verbal questions. Focus primarily on your weakest area with GMAT verbal questions, but don’t let any specific topic or question type avoid you. Don’t just focus on your score with GMAT verbal questions. Focus on learning and you will do great on your GMAT verbal questions.

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