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Avoiding Details With GMAT Reading Comprehension Questions

The following is an important point that you should focus on when taking GMAT reading comprehension questions. This point can be used when you understand that the GMAT test is a standardized test. An individual test-taker is given only about half of the GMAT reading comprehension questions that were written for that passage. That piece of knowledge is very important when taking GMAT reading comprehension questions.

If you understand that you need to understand the reasoning behind the passage of GMAT reading comprehension questions, then you can understand the entire passage.  Instead of understanding the specific details your goals for GMAT reading comprehension questions are to understand which paragraph it resides. That way, if I do get a GMAT reading comprehension question about a specific details, you’ll be able to identify where to find that detail in the passage. This information is critical with GMAT reading comprehension questions because there is often limited time.

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Particular with this section, GMAT test takers often complain about the limited time. Best of luck with all of your GMAT test studies. Remember, constant practice with GMAT questions will improve your score. We hope this was of help to you with GMAT reading comprehension questions.

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