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Dealing With Time When Taking GMAT Verbal Questions

A lot GMAT test takers have issues with time when taking GMAT verbal questions. Most students don’t understand that time is your most valuable resource when you take GMAT verbal questions. Becuase you have only 75 minutes to answer either 41 GMAT verbal questions or 37 quantitative questions, how you allocate that time is crucial to your overall strategy and success with GMAT verbal questions.

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In most cases, students don’t allocate time well with GMAT verbal questions. They either rush with GMAT verbal questions or they take too much time. Unfortunately, GMAT takers put too much emphasis on getting the GMAT verbal question right and not enough emphasis on getting the problem right in the correct amount of time. Timing is critical with GMAT verbal questions. For each GMAT verbal question you should allocate a very specific time.  By doing this, you can see how well you balance those problems that take a little too long with those that you can do faster than the average person. This may seem difficult, but in the long run it will dramatically help you when taking GMAT verbal questions. Always make sure to look for the most efficient way through GMAT verbal questions. GMAT verbal questions may seem difficult but they are beatable in a reasonable amount of time.

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