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Finding Your Score On The GMAT Test

A lot of students are interested in finding their total score on the GMAT test. On the GMAT test, the score is comprised of GMAT quantitative questions and GMAT verbal sections, is part of the analytical writing assessment (AWA). The GMAT test score will range from 200 to 800. Certainly a lot of GMAT test takers are looking for an 800.

On the GMAT test, approximately two-thirds of GMAT test takers score between 400 and 600. The GMAT test scores resemble a bell curve with a standard deviation of approximately 100 points. Therefore, the GMAT test score is designed for 68% of examinees to score between 400 and 600, while the median score was originally designed to be near 500.


It is important to understand that with the GMAT test, the GMAT quantitative and verbal sections include a computer-adaptive test. The first GMAT question may be difficult. The next few GMAT quantitative questions in each part may be around the 500 level. If the person answers correctly, the next GMAT quantitative questions are more difficult. If the examinee answers incorrectly, the next questions are easier. The GMAT quantitative questions are pulled from a large pool of questions and delivered depending on the student’s running score. These GMAT quantitative questions are regularly updated to prevent them from being used by other students.

For the GMAT test, the final score is not only from the last GMAT quantitative question the person answers The algorithm used to build a score is more complicated than that. The person can make a wrong mistake and answer incorrectly and the computer will recognize that item as random.

We hope this was of help for you on GMAT quantitative questions and on the GMAT test.

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