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Focusing On Easy GMAT Verbal Questions Instead Of Difficult Ones

I see a common trend with students and GMAT verbal questions. Unfortunately, individuals seem to always focus on the easiest GMAT verbal questions. Although it seems great to do a set of problems in a short amount of time and get them all the GMAT verbal questions correct. When that occurs congratulate yourself.

However, after this search for GMAT verbal questions you are less comfortable with. Working only on topics or GMAT verbal questions you already feel great about won’t improve your GMAT test score nearly as much as making improvements in areas where you aren’t confident. Because of the GMAT test has an adaptive nature with GMAT verbal questions, your weaknesses create a barrier for your positives. You won’t see a 700-level GMAT Sentence Correction question if your Reading Comprehension is very low. In order to take the most advantage of the GMAT verbal questions, you have to increase your RC level. Make sure to always focus on the GMAT verbal questions that you have difficulty with. I know it is hard but in the end it will pay off.

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Beating the GMAT test can be very difficult. However if you avoid this and focus on GMAT verbal questions that you are not confident in, you’ll be well on your way to a great GMAT test score.

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