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GMAT Official Guide

When presenting the GMAT exam, takers are often anxious and stressed. Despite the importance test takers give to the examination, many people disregard the importance of knowing the details the exam contains, and the type of questions within every section. We will provide a general overview of the GMAT exam, before focusing this article on the GMAT official Guide.

For those who are not familiar with the exam, The GMAT is a computerized adaptive test. What this means is that if questions are answered correctly by the taker, they will become harder. But, if questions are answered incorrectly they will stay in the same difficulty level. The New Generation GMAT has four different sections: The Analytical Writing Assessment, The Integrated Reasoning Section, The Quantitative Section and the Verbal Section.

GMAT Official Guide

If you are a future test taker looking to prepare properly for the GMAT exam, it is important for you to create a proper plan and to get the best preparation materials available. The GMAT Official Guide is a very exclusive material created by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). The GMAT official Guide 13th Edition is the newest edition offered to test takers. This new material features 900 real questions from previous GMAT exams, all of them with their answer explanations. This package contains around 205 never before released questions. Also, the guide contains an online study companion which comes with 50 Integrated Reasoning questions, with their respective answer explanations. Furthermore, the guide presents a 100-question diagnostic exam to help on your preparation. For your general preparation, the guide offers a grammar review, a math review and tips, which include concepts that will be evaluated on the GMAT. This guide has a cost of $42, 95 (American Dollars).

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