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GMAT Verbal Questions Changing?

Here is some interesting news that may have ramifications for GMAT verbal questions. GMAC, the maker of the GMAT test, has annoucned a bit more information about their research process for the Next Generation GMAT test. This GMAT test is expected to launch in 2013.


Here is some more information on the new GMAT test and how it may affect GMAT verbal questions. GMAC is currently researching what skills the Next Generation GMAT test will have. An advisory group made up of representatives from 9 MBA programs in the US and Europe have been meeting to review the results of several studies conducted by GMAC. Part of these studies has been reviewing GMAT verbal questions. It is going to be interested to see how GMAT verbal questions maybe impacted by these changes. We will make sure to keep you updated with all of the news we hear.

GMAC has not yet decided what the pool of skills will be, nor has it determined the format of the questions or how it may affect GMAT verbal questions. The Next Generation GMAT may even be given in additional languages besides English! This could dramatically impact GMAT verbal questions. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming GMAT test.

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