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How to Avoid Mistakes On GMAT Reading Comprehension Questions

Here is some help in solving GMAT reading comprehension questions. For individuals who are not native English speakers, this section on the GMAT test can be particularly difficult. There are a number of common mistakes that occur on GMAT reading comprehension questions. The common mistakes on GMAT reading comprehension questions tend to occur on problem sub-types. When main idea GMAT reading comprehension questions occur, the wrong answers will often be very extreme. For these GMAT test questions, if you have to guess, you should pick an answer that is not as extreme. On the GMAT test, extreme words are often included in incorrect answers.

GMAT Verbal Reading Questions

On Inference questions in the GMAT reading comprehension question section, wrong answers will often be too extreme. These sections are very similar to other parts of the GMAT reading comprehension section. For these sections, you should choose an answer that relates to the reading. Often on these sections answer choices are way out of focus. Wrong answers may make sense but in the reading comprehension passage they may not be the focal point. If you read something and think that may be correct, but realize you think that you did not read this in the passage, then that answer is most likely incorrect.

For GMAT reading comprehension specific questions, be warned of traps. If the answer choice includes language from the GMAT question, but that language is found in a different area in the passage, then the GMAT reading comprehension question is more likely incorrect. We hope this was of help to you on your GMAT reading comprehension questions.

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